2021 in Review:

Our Most Read Posts


2021 was one of milestones for Babyscripts. Not least among them was the evolution of our Virtual Care Resource Center from an emergency pandemic resource to a platform offering valuable content to stakeholders across the care spectrum on topics ranging from.

These were the pieces that our readers kept coming back to again and again in 2021:


6 Reasons to Choose Babyscripts Over Epic

Epic is one of the highest consumer-rated EMRs on the market and remains one of the most popular choices for a system of record and scheduling interface. Many healthcare systems rely on the EMR and its features to fulfill multiple roles. This piece covers the value of specific service line enhancements like Babyscripts’ obstetrics-specific Virtual Maternity Care solution.


ACOG Releases New Pregnancy Prenatal Care Recommendations

The Michigan Plan for Appropriate Tailored Health Care in Pregnancy Prenatal Care Recommendations (MiPATH), published in ACOG’s Green Journal, represents the first major changes to prenatal care recommendations since 1930. It includes two prenatal care plan options based on patients' medical, social, and structural determinants of health that are built on a baseline 4-visit, in-person delivery structure, supplemented by telemedicine and remote patient monitoring. 





After a high blood pressure reading triggered an intervention, she had a healthy delivery

This Babyscripts patient hadn’t expected to have problems with blood pressure. Thirty-three years old and healthy, she was considered low-risk. This case study brings home the value of remote BP monitoring for every risk-profile — for reassurance, and in this case, patient safety. 



Announcing Babyscripts myJourney, the newest generation of virtual maternity care. 

In 2020, Babyscripts announced myJourney, an evolution of our original GTM solution developed with a year’s worth of feedback from our patients, clients, IT teams, and others. We firmly believe that it is the best pregnancy solution on the market, created for and with the community that we serve. As the coronavirus pandemic has shown us, virtual maternity care is a key tool to providing accessible, affordable, and safe care to mothers across the care continuum.




After a low-risk pregnancy, remote BP monitoring might have saved this mom’s life. 

Women without prior diagnoses are not typically monitored for blood pressure complications in the postpartum period — and yet the maternal mortality rate for this specific issue is particularly high, perhaps for that reason. This patient story showcases the value of remote BP monitoring even after a healthy childbirth. 


We believe that free and open communication, even between traditional competitors, is the best way to achieve the ultimate goal of #betterpregnancies. Our resolution for the New Year is to continue to make our Virtual Care Resource Center a platform for sharing our wins and losses, best practices, and resources to all stakeholders who are invested in delivering better care to moms and babies. 

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