Our maternity care program enhances and extends the reach of clinicians and payers through remote tools, driving better risk management and effective interventions while strengthening the patient’s relationship with their care team.

Maternity Care Program

Research & Outcomes

13 day
Reduction in the time to detect preeclampsia
Less likely to exceed expected MS-DRG
at-home BP ascertainment for White & Black patients
Improved adherence to PP visit at 30 days
Improved adherence to IOM weight guidelines in 1st trimester
The rate at which Babyscripts patients attend postpartum visits compared to non-Babyscripts users
  • How It Works


    Babyscripts engages the maternity patient as an active member of their care team with tools and resources that they can conveniently access through a smartphone, for every aspect of their pregnancy and postpartum journey.

  • How It Works


    Through Babyscripts, the patient can self-identify risk through several modalities, including surveys, assessments, and remote patient monitoring.

  • How It Works


    Babyscripts’ dynamic risk stratification model activates the right members of the care team to manage those risks and effectively direct the patient’s journey.

Babyscripts’ maternity care program is the gateway to better maternal health, with customizable layers that can be prescribed to a patient based on individual need and risk.

Babyscripts myJourney
Babyscripts myBloodPressure
Babyscripts myMentalHealth
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Babyscripts myJourney

For Patients

Babyscripts myJourney is the patient’s mobile gateway to curated maternity care. With myJourney, the patient has access to:

  • Clinical-grade education
  • Weight tracking & management tools
  • Checklists, assessments & care pathways 
  • Accessible & bilingual content
  • Patient outreach & communication



myJourney allows healthcare teams to empower their patients, mitigate risk, and enhance prenatal and postpartum care delivery through:

  • Asynchronous digital touchpoints
  • Resources, reminders, and tracking tools
  • Self-reported risk ID
  • Remote delivery of trusted resources 
  • Virtual tools to improve patient engagement
  • Automation to improve care quality
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Babyscripts myBloodPressure

For Patients

Babyscripts myBloodPressure is a remote patient monitoring experience that supports self-monitored blood pressure under the guidance of a doctor. With myBloodPressure, the patient has access to:

  • Remote blood pressure monitoring, including symptom logging, up through one year postpartum
  • Schedules & trigger thresholds, customized to individual risk type by their doctor
  • Reminders & education to encourage BP recording & stay informed about BP health & awareness


For Clinicians

myBloodPressure seamlessly integrates with the clinician workflow, enabling frictionless clinician oversight through:

  • EMR integration, including Ordering & In-Basket notifications, plus HCP dashboard to monitor BP and non-compliance triggers
  • 24/HR Overwatch Call Center, making proactive calls to practice and/or nurse triage center when patient records an elevated reading
  • Bring Your Own Device or myJourney Kit, offering the provider the option of using patient-acquired BP cuffs or Babyscripts-provided, available in different sizes and shipped directly to patients
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Babyscripts myMentalHealth

For Patients

Babyscripts myMentalHealth is a remote patient monitoring experience that supports self-screenings of mental health risk under the guidance of a doctor. With myMentalHealth, the patient has access to:

  • Standardized mental health assessments for prenatal & postpartum (PHQ2/9, EDPS), conveniently accessed in the myJourney app
  • Automated reminders via SMS push notification to improve assessment & screening completion


For Clinicians

myMentalHealth seamlessly integrates with the clinician workflow, enabling frictionless clinician oversight through:

  • Customizable risk-based triggers to activate the appropriate care team member in response to patient survey response
  • Perinatal mental health data reports to track progress, monitor population health, & measure program success
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Optimize the traditional 12 to 14 in-person visit schedule with Babyscripts to address barriers of access to care and support physician workload. At 53%, obstetricians report the second highest levels of burnout, behind emergency medicine. Our maternity care program enables providers to supplement or replace in-person visits with continuous digital touchpoints, aligned with ACOG's Plan for Appropriately Tailored Healthcare in Pregnancy (PATH). Learn more by scheduling a demo below.
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