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Better Care for Better Outcomes

The average increase in compliance to HEDIS measures for Babyscripts patients compared to non-Babyscripts users
17 weeks
The reduction in time to identify pregnant members compared to the norm
The rate at which Babyscripts patients attend postpartum visits compared to non-Babyscripts users
Identify, Capture & Engage

Pregnant Population Health Management

Identify and Assess your Pregnant Members
Increase Access to Care
Facilitate Better Care
Close Open Identify and Assess your Pregnant Members

Identify pregnancy earlier for better support

Babyscripts enables health plans to identify pregnant members, deliver clinical and social risk surveys, and enroll members in risk-appropriate pathways.

Babyscripts offers: 

PINKCheck List

Assessments, checklists, campaigns

PINKWoman using Blood Pressure Cuff

Risk-specific modules

PINKPregnant Women with Mobile Phone

Onboarding in doctor’s office or at home

Identify and Assess Pregnancy Moms Earlier
Close Open Increase Access to Care

Reduce barriers to better maternal health   

Babyscripts gives patients on-demand access to a library of clinically-validated resources, and bluetooth-connected monitoring devices to provide doctors with key health data from anywhere, at any time.

Babyscripts offers: 


Multimedia, customizable resources

BLUE_Blood Pressure Cuff

Remote patient monitoring (RPM)

BLUE_Provider - OBGYN

Connection to care management


Close Open Facilitate Better Care

Empower moms and providers for higher quality care

Putting the most pertinent data in the hands of patients and providers ensures that the best care decisions will be made.

GREY_Provider Dashboard

Provider-facing dashboard


Risk-based alerts 

GREY_Speech Bubbles

Patient activation and empowerment

DIANA enrollment on laptop_2
Bringing stakeholders together

Flexible deployment models to meet your members’ needs

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Joint Deployment for Health Plans & Clinicians

Joint Deployment_screensBabyscripts supports patients by bringing their care team together. We leverage our relationships with clinicians and health plans across the country to provide our users with the resources they need for their pregnancy journey.

Manage program effectiveness with a joint operating committee made up of key stakeholders that defines program goals and drives program expansion.
Ensure clinical quality through a Medical Advisory Board that consistently reviews updated ACOG, SMFM, CDC guidance, partnerships with MoD and Health System Customers, and a research driven approach to product development.
Rely on dedicated teams for implementation, executive leadership engagement, ongoing clinical and technical support.
Measure success through analytics & outcomes reporting.
Direct to Member Deployment for Health Plans

The Babyscripts myJourney app is fully customizable and designed with accessibility in mind. Our solution helps improve maternal health equity by providing your members with educational content and assessments, integrated with your resources anytime and anywhere.

Offer the Babyscripts mobile app to your members with:

Personalized in-app branding for your organization
Robust content management system to include your own content
Customizable week-by-week timeline to incorporate assessments, care management resources, and more
Access to appropriate services and resources can

Reduce the time it takes to detect life-threatening complications

“One of my favorite points of feedback about Babyscripts was from an African American mother who told us that the Babyscripts app made her feel safer. Anything we can do to make women of color feel safer in the birthing process is a win in my book."

Dr Kathleen Barker Headshot - Circle

Dr. Barker, Baystate Health

Give your pregnant members the 21st century care they expect - and deserve

Take the next step towards equitable maternal care

At Babyscripts we envision a world in which maternal death is eliminated, where no woman suffers complications from unmonitored risk - during or after pregnancy, where getting pregnant doesn’t mean risking your life. Joint us on our mission toward Better Pregnancies for all!