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Fighting the Maternal Health CrisiS

A Commitment to Improving Maternal Health

Babyscripts is committed to maternal health innovation, increasing health equity, and reducing negative outcomes. Our program is focused on enabling providers to deliver prenatal care at any place, at any time through digital education and remote patient monitoring.

  • Improve Quality Measures (i.e. HEDIS)
  • Reduce the Cost of Maternity Care
  • Avoid Complications for Mom and Baby
  • Drive Better Compliance to Prenatal and Postpartum Care
  • Target Social Determinants of Health



Comprehensive Risk Assessments

Detect Risk in Pregnancy Earlier

Capture health and SDOH risk earlier through a customizable Health Risk Assessment. Deploy Care Management programs and member benefits earlier to be proactive in member health.

  • Expanded risk identification through pregnancy risk surveys
  • Identify pregnancy as early as 9 weeks gestational age
  • Information targeting related to member risks
  • Connection with resources from other key stakeholders (payers)
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Bridge Access to Care Gap

Provide care to meembers anytime, anywhere with fully customizable resources and risk assessments.

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Improve Member Identification

Identify pregnancy earlier via our provider-based implementations 

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Improve Outcomes for Mom & Baby

Identify life-threatening pregnancy complications like preeclampsia earlier with RPM, potentially reducing instances of preterm birth, length of NICU stay, low birthweight, C-section, and other poor outcomes.

Joint Deployment

Improve Care Coordination

Improve patient/member care through a unique collaboration between the care team and the payer. Utilizing the ability to assess for and dynamically address medical and social risks throughout the pregnancy and parenting journey, the maternal population health functionality addresses some of the structural issues of care coordination and access to care while also working to improve outcomes and reducing cost. 

Get Started

Educate and Empower Moms

Maternal Digital Education

Intelligent end-to-end virtual care program to manage your maternal population remotely. Streamline your members' journey through prenatal and postpartum with a custom mobile app featuring daily educational content. Push out timely reminders and urgent information to shape better behaviors and engage members on a routine basis:

  • Gestational age-appropriate content
  • ACOG/CDC/NIH resources
  • Exclusive March of Dimes content
  • Clinical/non-clinical campaigns 
  • Satisfaction surveys (NPS)
Improve Health Literacy

Enhance Health Equity Initiatives

  • Disseminate real-time information with dynamic email, push notifications, and SMS campaigns to engage members on a routine basis
  • Shape better behaviors and guide members to recommended pediatricians, hospital tours, classes, and EMR patient portal
  • Update members with ad hoc communication, such as weather alerts, office closures, COVID protocols

“In my opinion, current strategies in Case Management (mainly telephone and mailing letters) are crusty,  ineffective, and expensive.  No one answers the phone anymore, especially when they don’t recognize a number.  Also, the digital generation- they hate talking on the phone.  We need to change how we do Case Management to account for this.”

- Plan Medical Director

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Provider enablement to drive better outcomes

Remote Patient Monitoring

Leverage our modules to remotely monitor members and bridge access to care issues. Enable providers to virtually manage pregnant members across risk strata through maternal health monitoring. Enable real-time data collection and exception-based monitoring for blood pressure and mental health. 

Maternal Healthcare &

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