Improve Maternal Health Outcomes

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At Babyscripts we envision a world in which maternal death is eliminated, where no woman suffers complications from unmonitored risk -- during or after pregnancy, where getting pregnant doesn’t mean risking your life. We’re committed to providing the technology and tools that enable seamless collaboration between pregnant patients, their doctors, health systems, and payers to make that vision a near-term reality.

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"The pandemic exacerbated existing disparities in maternal health, while showcasing the effectiveness of digital tools for managing pregnancy and equalizing care. Babyscripts improves access to care for patients and reduces cost for the health system and insurance plan by connecting payer, provider, and patient together through its virtual platform, managing patient and member health and collecting and communicating actionable data around risk with the goal of reducing maternal mortality and morbidity." 

- Babyscripts Provider 

The Pregnancy App Your Patients Will Love

Maternal Digital Education

Virtually connect with expectant and new mothers between visits with a custom mobile app. Educate, inspire and engage with patients with daily customizable content through 1 year postpartum in English and Spanish.

Push timely and urgent information:

  • Gestational age-appropriate content
  • ACOG/CDC/NIH resources
  • Exclusive March of Dimes content
  • Clinical/non-clinical campaigns 
  • Satisfaction surveys (NPS)
  • Risk surveys and assessments
Manage Risk in Real-Time 

Maternal RPM

Intelligent end-to-end virtual care program to manage your maternal population remotely. Virtual management of pregnant patients through remote monitoring for blood pressure and mental health. 

Babyscripts myMentalHealth Babyscripts myBloodPressure

A new model for obstetrical care. 

Why Babyscripts?

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Extend Brand & Reach

Deliver care to patients where ever they are, whenever they need it, with Babyscripts as your digital front door. 


Improve Access to Care

Improve access to important, gestational age-specific education for ALL patients no matter their demographic.


Seamless Integration

Integrate with current tech platforms and EMRs to streamline workflows.


Reduce Costs

Eliminate the cost of printed education materials with pre-loaded digital content from trusted sources like March of Dimes, CDC, NIH, and ACOG.

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Improve Outcomes

Reduce the time it takes to detect life-threatening complications like prenatal and postpartum hypertension with intelligent risk triggers.

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Increase Engagement

Use data from patient satisfaction surveys (NPS), campaigns, and push notifications to drive higher patient engagement and loyalty.

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    "I would definitely look for a provider who has Babyscripts in the future...I have two children already, so it is difficult to find time to see a doctor without a kid coming along. Babysripts offered more time in between appointments, which appealed to me."

    - Babyscripts Mom

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    “Babyscripts improves access to care for patients and reduces cost for the health system and insurance plan by connecting payer, provider, and patient together through its virtual platform”
    - Babyscripts Provider
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    “Our partnership with Babyscripts began in response to what we hear from new moms. They want greater access, more convenience, healthier outcomes and fewer appointments when appropriate. Babyscripts complements the expert care provided by our women’s health team while providing more flexibility for consumers.”

    - Babyscripts OB/GYN

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Virtual Care Resource Center

Babyscripts’ Virtual Care Resource Center is a tool for providers, payers, and other industry professionals to stay up to date on the latest news, trends, and recommendations in maternal healthcare and digital technology.