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Better Pregnancies Start with Babyscripts

The rate at which Babyscripts patients attend postpartum visits compared to non-Babyscripts users.
The percentage increase of pediatric repatriation within systems that use Babyscripts
The number of Babyscripts patients that report health system loyalty
3 Months
The time to deployment for Babyscripts versus 9 months for comparable solutions
Clinically validated and built on years of partnerships

Informed Care is Better Care

Increase Patient Engagement
Improve Maternal Healthcare
Maximize Value
Close Open Increase Patient Engagement

Reaching moms through a digital-first approach in a digital-first world

PINKResources Content library: Educate patients with clinically-validated, regularly updated educational content available in English and Spanish.
PINKEnvelope Customizable campaigns: Inform and engage patients through omnichannel messaging.
PINKCheck List Care checklists: Encourage and incentivize healthy patient behavior with dynamic checklists
Close Open Improve Maternal Healthcare

Providing greater health insight for HCPs and moms.

BLUE_Warning Risk assessment: Identify and assess social and clinical risk early throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period.
BLUE_Woman using Blood Pressure Cuff Out-of-the-Box Monitoring: Access risk-specific remote patient monitoring workflows tailored to patient risk profiles.
BLUE_Pregnant Women with Mobile Phone Patient activation: Leverage an engaging interface to activate patients as members of their own care.
BLUE_Provider Dashboard Provider portal: Empower providers with the right data and tools at the right time.
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Creating additional opportunities to increase revenue.

GREY_Schedule Opimization
Increase practice efficiency: Use RPM to shift low-risk patients to virtual visits (see: PATH) or get more data points with high-risk patients.
GREY_Check List
Care protocol adherence: Improve adherence to clinical quality and safety guidelines from your value-based contracts to HEDIS measures and AIM bundles through turnkey solution.
GREY_Increase Revenue
RPM reimbursement: Manage costs with our fully reimbursable remote monitoring solution - see our guide here.
No more printed brochures: Cut down on marketing costs by moving brochures and patient info online.
Creating the next generation of care

Maternal health solutions for all providers & clinicians

From individual OBGYN to physician practices and FQHCs to enterprise health systems

Fully Customizable Prenatal & Postpartum App

The Babyscripts myJourney app is fully customizable and designed with accessibility in mind. 

Supplement Babyscripts library of content with your own resources
Customize in-app branding with logos, colors, and content


Remote Patient Monitoring

Babyscripts myBloodPressure is an end-to-end blood pressure solution for all mothers. Our turnkey solution addresses patient needs across all parts of the pregnancy journey and all risk levels.

Pre-programmed workflows for Normotensive, Chronic Hypertension, Preeclampsia, and Postpartum monitoring
Smart escalation threshold to inform clinicians of most urgent patients
Engagement and reminder system to encourage patient compliance with monitoring
Fully configurable monitoring, escalation, and reminder schedules to tailor to practice preference
Babyscripts call center to manage critical BP readings outside office hours
Patient-Centric Care Coordination

Babyscripts brings care teams together. We connect our clinician and health plan partners across the country to provide our users with the resources they need for their pregnancy journey.

Single user interface for your patients to receive resources from their provider and their health plan
Analytics & outcomes reporting to easily measure success.

Learn more about care collaboration here.

EHR Integration

Multiple options to pull clinical observation data into your existing clinical workflows.

Collaboration with IT team to outline and execute integration plan
Clinician training for how to access Babyscripts orders and data
Guidance on appropriate integration method for workflow

Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 10.51.14 PM

Reduce the time it takes to

Detect Life-Threatening Complications

"The exception-based workflow has been tremendous for our practice. One of the biggest hurdles we anticipated was providers, nurses, office staff feeling like they had yet another system to check or process to complete in an already overburdened and taxed system. The peace of mind that comes with Babyscripts workflow is tremendous. If my patients have a BP that’s outside of the normal range, I know that information will come to me, whether I’m tracking them in the platform or not."
Dr Kathleen Barker Headshot - Circle

Dr. Barker, Baystate Health

Take the next step towards

Better Maternal Care

At Babyscripts, we envision a world in which maternal death is eliminated, where no woman suffers complications from unmonitored risk — during or after pregnancy, where getting pregnant doesn’t mean risking your life. Join us on our mission toward Better Pregnancies for all!