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What is Maternal Digital Education?

The first tier of Babyscripts three-tiered approach to virtual maternity care consists of a digital education layer delivered via the Babyscripts myJourney mobile app, with daily gestational-age and practice-specific customizable content extending through one year postpartum to engage and empower pregnant mothers through trusted resources, including fully customizable, pre-loaded resources from the March of Dimes, CDC, ACOG and others. Weekly notifications deliver reminders about important checklist items and tips and tricks for pregnancy and postpartum.

The Babyscripts myJourney experience is delivered to the patient through an upgraded interface that is streamlined, modern, and easy to navigate; as well as completely customizable by the provider with their preferred colors, logo and content to help personalize the experience for each mother. The product is also available for white-labelling.

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Extend Brand and meet patients where they are

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Deliver gestation appropriate education and real-time updates with relevant information to keep patients educated

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Use data to improve your practice and drive higher patient satisfaction and loyalty

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Reduce cost of printed education

Babyscripts Virtual Maternity Care app on phone

Educate. Inspire. Engage.

Intelligent end-to-end virtual care program to manage your maternal population remotely.

Virtually connect with expectant and new mothers between visits with custom mobile app. Educate, inspire and engage with daily content through 1 year postpartum in English and Spanish.
Push timely and urgent information:

    • Gestation appropriate content
    • ACOG/CDC/NIH content
    • Exclusive March of Dimes content
    • Clinical/non-clinical campaigns 
    • Satisfaction surveys (NPS)

"I would definitely look for a provider who has Babyscripts in the future...I have two children already, so it is difficult to find time to see a doctor without a kid coming along. Babysripts offered more time in between appointments, which appealed to me."



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Risk Specific Workflows

Remotely monitor 80% of patients with unique workflows based on patient's clinical and social risk so that you can tailor prenatal and postpartum care specifically for each patient's needs. 

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Exception Monitoring

Our trigger expertise helps your practice avoid data overload and identify actionable real-time data so that you can intervene when your patients need it most.


Our set of EMR-integrated standard and advanced workflows enable a deeper coordination between Babyscripts and the EMR, allowing you to do what you need to do in the fewest clicks possible.

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Compliance Automation

Critical to the success of a technology program is sustained compliance and adherence. Our infrastructure will ensure that patients are engaging with the program. 

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What is Maternal Health Monitoring?

The second tier of Babyscripts three-tiered approach to virtual maternity care enables remote management of pregnant patients through the addition of remote monitoring for blood pressure, mental health (coming soon), and weight; as well as risk-assessment surveys for social determinants of health. Utilizing a smart trigger system, the data collected is evaluated for elevated risk. Data collected outside the normal range are communicated directly and immediately back to the provider, enabling real-time interventions.

Detect pregnancy complications earlier

For example, patients monitored for BP are provided with an FDA-approved, bluetooth-enabled BP cuff to monitor for elevated risk — specifically normotensive patients, antenatal hypertensives, and postpartum hypertensives. BP readings collected through the device are communicated directly to a patient database accessible at all times by the provider. Babyscripts monitors these readings, alerting the provider of any BP reading in an abnormal range through a unique trigger system, enabling risk management and intervention. This end-to-end management of patients enables the provider to transition care outside of the clinic and address problems of access, allowing them to automate a majority of their patient care while more effectively allocating time and resources to higher risk patients. 

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Reduce readmissions & maternal complications

Enhancing in-person care through remote monitoring enables practices to implement a reduced in-person visit schedule of 4-6 visits during the prenatal period (through term) compared to the standard 12-14 template endorsed by the IOM in 1985. This optimized schedule template varies by practice and reimbursement policies, but on average allows practices to safely reduce the number of in-person prenatal care visits by more than 60%, without compromising patient satisfaction rates, patient/provider relationship, reimbursement of the global fee, or impacting outcomes.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Virtual management of pregnant patients through remote monitoring. Real-time data collection and exception monitoring for:

    • Blood Pressure
    • Weight
    • Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)
    • Mental Health
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Babyscripts virtual maternity care app on phone
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What is Maternal Population Health?

The third tier of Babyscripts three-tiered approach to virtual maternity care works to improve patient/member care through a unique collaboration between the care team and the payer. Utilizing the ability to assess for and dynamically address medical and social risks throughout the pregnancy and parenting journey, this functionality addresses some of the structural issues of care coordination and access to care while also working to improve outcomes and reducing cost. 

Comprehensive Risk Assessments

End-users (patients/members) have access to a comprehensive risk assessment during the onboarding process, through which their Babyscripts experience is tailored. These users receive resources based on the risks that they identify, to bolster their education and ability to advocate for themselves. Their care team (payer and provider) will also be notified of these risks so that they can work together to provide the best care to the patient/member. The patient/member has access to a quality checklist, through which they can learn about the milestones of pregnancy and be connected to educational and community resources. The product also offers a sophisticated “campaigns” feature that enables the care team to send targeted messages and assessments to continue to survey for risk and connect patients/members to resources. The payer subsidizes the cost of Babyscripts for the health system, sponsoring its use for members for early identification of pregnancy and pregnancy-related complications.

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Improve patient/member care through a unique collaboration between the care team and the payer.

Utilizing the ability to assess for and dynamically address medical and social risks throughout the pregnancy and parenting journey, this functionality addresses some of the structural issues of care coordination and access to care while also working to improve outcomes and reducing cost.

Improve detection of risk and deployment of member benefits. 

  • Expanded Risk Identification through risk surveys
  • Automated Insurance Verification of pregnant patients
  • Information Targeting related to patient risks
  • Connection with resources from other key stakeholders (e.g. Payers)
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Improve Quality Measures (i.e. HEDIS)

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Reduce the Cost of  Maternity Care

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Avoid Complications for Mom and Baby

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