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A New Model for Obstetrical Care

Babyscripts’ multi-tiered approach to virtual maternity care allows providers to deliver risk-specific care to pregnant mothers at any time, in any place. The first tier consists of a digital education layer delivered via a mobile app, with daily gestational-age and practice-specific, customizable content extending through one year postpartum to engage and empower pregnant mothers through trusted resources. The second tier enables virtual management of pregnant patients through the addition of remote monitoring. Depending on risk, patients are provided with medical devices (like a bluetooth-enabled blood pressure cuff) to monitor for elevated risk, alerting the provider through a unique trigger alert system to enable risk management and intervention. 


Customized maternity app and real-time risk detection

Providers can deliver trusted education,  resources, and remote patient monitoring to expectant and new mothers between visits with Babyscripts' custom mobile app.

Health Plan Payor

Improve Pregnancy and Postpartum Outcomes

Babyscripts' partners with Health Plans to improve quality measures (i.e., HEDIS) and reduce the cost of maternity care.

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Personalized Prenatal Care for Mothers

Access educational content hand-selected by a trusted health care team during pregnancy and through one year postpartum.


Improve Access to Care

Babyscripts' smart end-to-end management of patients enables the provider to transition care outside of the clinic and address problems of access, allowing providers to automate a majority of patient care while more effectively allocating time and resources to higher risk patients. Our population health tier brings the insurer into the equation in a unique collaboration between care team and payor, solving some of the structural issues of care coordination and access to care, improving outcomes while reducing cost.




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Remote Patient Monitoring

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Intelligent Risk Triggers

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Robust Gestation-Specific Education

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Patient Engagement & Compliance

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Schedule Optimization

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Care Coordination

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Seamless Integration

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Logistical Support

Customer Quotes

Providers and health systems are using Babyscripts to improve prenatal and postpartum care for their patients using our virtual maternity care software solutions:

What's new at Babyscripts?

Maternal Mental Health Product

Babyscripts is excited to announce the release of our Maternal Mental Health product, a virtual care solution to address one of the silent and deprioritized drivers of the high rates of maternal mortality and morbidity in the US. The product will be used in a research study by the George Washington Medical Faculty Associates.


Read More about Maternal Mental HEalth
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Medicaid Playbook Part 1

The Virtual Maternity Care Playbook for Underserved Populations was created to address questions around health equity and the feasibility of using virtual care for underserved populations. Part I offers a comprehensive overview of the landscape, including the latest statistics around digital engagement in the Medicaid population and available tools and innovative approaches for improving outcomes.

Empower Your Pregnancy! Download myJourney

The path to your healthiest pregnancy starts here. Talk to your provider about Babyscripts or download the Babyscripts myJourney app!


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"10 stars and more. This app empowers pregnant women with resources and tools to be knowledgeable. Not only do they give you weekly updates, but you also get daily tips, advice or articles to read. They have a whole resource section to check out if you have a question or concern. I would recommend this to any pregnant mom or woman planning to become pregnant!"

- K_Rymer App Store Review


Babyscripts secures $12M to roll out its virtual maternity care model

Obstetrics virtual care company Babyscripts raised $12 million in the first round of a Series B investment that will enable the company to accelerate the roll out of its virtual maternity care tool platform to providers.

Tech Crunch Article

New partnership gives Privia Health access to Babyscripts' remote monitoring tools and educational content

The partnership between Babyscripts and Privia Health aims to reduce inequities in maternal health outcomes and lower mortality rates.

Mobi Health Article

Banner Launches Digital Health Program with Xealth and Babyscripts

Integration with the EHR is a key step toward better outcomes. Babyscripts' partner Banner Health is teaming up with Cerner & Xealth to simplify delivery of cutting edge tech - starting with Babyscripts.

News Release: Health Tech Partnership

"UnitedHealthcare and Regional One Health will implement remote patient monitoring to determine its ability to improve access to care by activating Babyscripts"

UnitedHealthcare and Tennessee Initiative for Perinatal Quality Care Focus on Health Equity in Maternal Health Outcomes. The initiative will address racial disparities by providing maternal hypertension and hemorrhage simulation training in 49 hospitals, and testing remote patient monitoring for expectant mothers through Regional One Health

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