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Lightweight, clinically-validated assessments for prenatal and postpartum mental health that shape better behaviors & drive patient satisfaction.

WHITEMental Health Anxiety, depression, and other maternal mental health issues (MMH) represent the most common complication of pregnancy and childbirth, impacting 800,000 women in the United States each year
WHITEMother Holding Baby Suicide and overdose are the leading cause of death for women in the first year postpartum Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance 


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Maternal Mental Health Risk Monitoring

Providing Immediate Resources for Moms

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Prenatal & Postpartum Mental Health Assessments: Out-of-the-box mental health assessments (PHQ2/9 and/or EDPS) deployed at designated times throughout the pregnancy
PINKMobile Phone with Babyscripts logo Leverage Existing Resources: Workflows to automatically connect patients to your mental health services and materials
Patient Education: Clinically-validated content to facilitate patient awareness and self-support around  mental health concerns
Real-time risk detection to support earlier intervention

Continuously assess maternal mental health during pregnancy & postpartum

WHITEProvider Dashboard Real Time Data Monitoring: Provider-facing dashboard with real-time assessment data and non-compliance trigger flowback to enable ongoing monitoring of assessment response across patients.
WHITEWarning Configurable Risk Threshold: Automated trigger escalations configured to the patient to activate relevant resources in the app and support additional provider outreach.
WHITEProvider - OBGYN Analytics & Outcomes Reporting: Provider-facing reports to share patient and program outcomes and metrics in conjunction with robust trigger management and exception reporting system, providing actionable insights and minimizing alarm burden.


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Bridge the access to care gap for the most vulnerable populations

Give Doctors the Data, Give Patients the Support

Empowering Providers
Supporting Mothers
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“Mental health can easily slip through the cracks in an OB appointment. It’s difficult to diagnose and identify in the space of an appointment, and due to stigma and other barriers, mothers are not always forthcoming about their mental health struggles. We believe that technology delivered in the comfort and security of a patient’s home, that connects them directly to resources and identifies emerging symptoms in real time, has the potential to close these gaps in care.”

- Dr. Kathryn Marko, Ob/Gyn at GW MFA

More For Providers

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"This app empowers pregnant women with the tools they need to be knowledgable. Not only do they give you weekly updates, but you also get daily tips, advice or articles to read. They have a whole resource section to check out if you have a question or concern. I would recommend this to any pregnant mom or woman planning to become pregnant!"

- Babyscripts Mom 

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Improve Maternal Mental Health Outcomes

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Bridge the access to care gap by leveraging digital technology to shape better behaviors & drive patient satisfaction through precision engagement.