Our solution supports moms through prenatal and postpartum with

Tools that Increase Patient Engagement

Gestational age-appropriate clinically-validated pregnancy information
Checklists, health risk assessments and more to shape better user behavior
Out-of-the-box customizable omnichannel communications campaigns to educate and inform patients in real-time
Dashboard with access to up-to-the-minute remote monitoring data to enable social and clinical risk detection, including blood pressure, preeclampsia, mental health, and social determinants of health
Babyscripts Mothers Illustration

Of patients reported feeling more knowledgeable about their pregnancy

 Improvement in adherence to national and local quality measures
OBGYN showing Pregnanct Mom how to use Babyscripts at office
We provide the right data and tools at the right time to

Identify Risk Earlier

Real-time risk management with end-to-end, intelligent remote patient monitoring
Smart trigger system to combat alert fatigue
Configurable, risk-specific programs and workflows tailored for OBs
White-glove RPM deployment to reduce physician workload and administrative lift
Patient Compliance to Remote Patient Monitoring
Improvement in BP collection rates between in-person and remote monitoring in the postpartum period
More Efficient Care

Enabling greater patient volume with a reduced visit schedule

“Depending on gestational age, social determinants of health, and risk factors, we’ve emphasized shared decision-making, and let our mothers on the Babyscripts platform decide for themselves if they want to use Schedule Optimization to monitor their blood pressure from home and reduce appointments…This schedule still allows us to capture the global fee for Medicaid patients ... and with BP monitoring through Babyscripts accompanying the protocol, the need for phone visits is eliminated for low-risk patients.”

- Chief Clinical Transformation Officer,
Health System in NC
Better pregnancies for ALL means

Improving Health Equity

Every pregnancy journey is unique across race, culture, education, geography, and income level; and Babyscripts is committed to an inclusive and accessible user experience that removes barriers to care and addresses disparities through: 

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Diverse visual imagery

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Accessible audio and visual content 

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Inclusive written content

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Equitable digital tools



Built for Obstetrics, from the ground up

Supporting your moms throughout their journey


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