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7/17/2020 Weekly Roundup: Top Articles This Week

Jul 17, 2020 10:18:17 AM / by The Babyscripts Team

RoundupIn the news this week, providers and patients weigh in on the benefits of virtual care while policy-makers debate the future of reimbursements and regulations for telehealth. Questions of health equity continue to dominate the conversation around access to digital health tools and maternal health. Plus, new research on coronavirus and pregnancy shows that infected mothers can pass the virus onto their children in the womb.  

7/16, Fierce Healthcare: House telehealth leaders move to cement regulatory changes for virtual care

7/16, Healthcare IT News: Legislation making some telehealth waivers permanent should be on the way

7/16, mHealth Intelligence: CMS: 9 Million Used Telehealth During Early Days of COVID-19

7/16, Benefits Pro: Telehealth could be the solution for a pandemic, but are we too late?

7/15, The Washington Post: Some researchers and politicians call for pregnant women to be included in coronavirus vaccine testing

7/15, Insider: The death of pregnant YouTube star Nicole Thea highlights a tragic trend affecting women of color

7/14, Medical Economics: Telehealth’s long-term outlook

7/14, New York Times: Baby Was Infected With Coronavirus in Womb, Study Reports

7/13, Healthcare IT News: Patients have positive telehealth experiences – but things could be better

7/13, New York Times: What’s Missing in the Effort to Stop Maternal Deaths

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