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Babyscripts, the leading virtual care platform for managing obstetrics, marks three years of partnership with MemorialCare, a nonprofit integrated health system in Orange and Los Angeles counties. Since the inception of the partnership, MemorialCare patients have captured more than 17K blood pressure readings via remote patient monitoring powered by Babyscripts myBloodPressure, with 6% of these triggering an intervention protocol.

Babyscripts and MemorialCare partnered in 2020 to improve outcomes and reduce barriers of access to care for mothers in Southern California through Babyscripts Virtual Maternity Care. In 2021, the partnership expanded beyond the MemorialCare Medical Group patients to offer the Babyscripts’ platform to almost all patients that deliver at MemorialCare Hospitals.  

Blood-pressure related complications are among the highest contributors to maternal mortality and morbidity rates, according to the CDC, with even mild cases of hypertension potentially resulting in serious health problems beyond childbirth. With remote patient monitoring of blood pressure through Babyscripts myBloodPressure, MemorialCare providers align with industry guidance from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and others to manage patient risk. Using a bluetooth-connected blood pressure cuff, mothers who are enrolled by their provider on Babyscripts myBloodPressure can remotely monitor their BP levels from the comfort of their home, potentially reducing office visits while still capturing vital data that can lead to life-saving interventions. 

In addition to blood pressure monitoring, MemorialCare offers digital education to their patients through Babyscripts myJourney. Active users log into the mobile platform weekly to access gestational age-appropriate content, email campaigns, satisfaction surveys, appointment reminders, and weight monitoring, as well as customized content from MemorialCare. The app also delivers evidence-based guidelines approved by the patient’s obstetrician in the form of daily nutritional, medical and lifestyle action items.

“California is one of the safest states in the US to have a child, partially due to its aggressive and innovative approaches to the issues impacting maternal health” said Anish Sebastian, CEO and co-founder of Babyscripts. “MemorialCare has been at the forefront of these efforts, and their forward-thinking practices have translated to positive, impactful changes in their patients’ lives and health.”

Mothers use the Babyscripts’ app and devices to connect to their care team, stay informed about their pregnancy, and send health data remotely and securely to their health care provider, providing flexibility and transparency between moms and clinical teams. 

“With Babyscripts, our doctors and patients have access to a powerful platform to connect and share data throughout the patient’s pregnancy and postpartum care. Babyscripts has allowed us to increase our touch points within our community and allow our patients to access important information about their pregnancy 24/7 – when it is convenient or pertinent to them. It’s been exciting to see the Babyscripts adoption grow among our doctors, practices and patients. I don’t anticipate it slowing down.”

Anne LaNova, Executive Director of Digital consumer Experience at MemorialCare

Since 2014, Babyscripts has been building a clinically validated, virtual care platform to allow OBGYNs to deliver a new model of prenatal care. Using bluetooth-connected devices for remote monitoring, Babyscripts offers risk-specific experiences to allow providers to manage up to 90% of pregnancies virtually, allowing doctors to detect risk more quickly and automate elements of care. 

About Babyscripts

Babyscripts is delivering a new model for prenatal and postpartum care that is transforming the way expectant mothers use technology to work with their healthcare providers. We’ve spent the last six years delivering the most-implemented mobile clinical solution for remote monitoring in pregnancy, with the mission to eliminate maternal mortality and improve access to care for all mothers. For more information on our virtual care solution and to request a demo, visit www.babyscripts.com.

About MemorialCare

MemorialCare, nonprofit Southern California integrated delivery system and innovator in value-based care, has over 225 care locations; 15,000 employees and affiliated physicians; top hospitals—Long Beach Medical Center, Miller Children's & Women's Hospital Long Beach, Orange Coast Medical Center and Saddleback Medical Center; award-winning MemorialCare Medical Group and Greater Newport Physicians; MemorialCare Select Health Plan; and outpatient surgery, imaging, urgent care, dialysis, breast health and physical therapy centers. MemorialCare's many honors have included Best U.S. Health Systems, Top Places to Work, Top Hospital rankings from readers of eight regional newspapers, 10 Largest U.S. Children's Hospitals, Top 100 Hospitals, A Hospital Safety Score, Top 50 Cardiovascular Hospitals, Magnet nursing excellence status for all MemorialCare hospitals, among much more. Visit www.memorialcare.org.

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