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Virtual Maternity Care: A Complete Playbook

Apr 7, 2020 5:49:19 PM / by The Babyscripts Team

The coronavirus pandemic is driving a need for virtual care, and subsequently posing a lot of logistical questions to healthcare providers around implementation, reimbursement, and standing up virtual solutions. Babyscripts can help navigate these new challenges.

Virtual Care Playbook

Interested in downloading the full playbook? Request access here!

As adoption of virtual care has been pushed into overdrive by the novel coronavirus pandemic, healthcare providers are scrambling to transition their practices outside of the clinic. In the process, they are bumping up against the challenges of clinical workflows and financial incentives that were built to support a face-to-face model of care. 

We can help. With five years of experience in the space, and working with more than 50 health systems across 26 states, Babyscripts is uniquely positioned to offer crucial guidance in helping providers create virtual care protocols. 

We’ve drawn on our own experience and the experiences of our providers — early adopters in the virtual healthcare space — to compile and share, after clinical review, a best practice guide for how to stand up virtual care solutions in a condensed time frame, as well as direction on how practices should be thinking about this important transition to virtual care. 

This virtual care playbook, includes details on best practices, guidance on implementation, and important resources, including:

  • Alternate 4 and 5 visit schedule templates that Babyscripts customers have adopted in their practices with detailed recommendations.
  • Reimbursement guidance for implementing virtual solutions. 
  • Recommendations for patient education and data point collection in between in-person visits, to support patients and better identify moments of risk.
  • Best practices for  virtual care for high risk patients, including those at heightened risk for diabetes and blood pressure related complications.
  • Recommendations for implementing telemedicine, video visits. 

This how-to guide does not rely on the use of Babyscripts, although it includes unique insights from our experience on the ground. Our goal is to share what other practices are doing in response to the need for social distancing and reduced in-person interaction to help other practices as they do the same. This playbook has been reviewed by members of the Babyscripts medical advisory committee, which includes OBGYNS, midwives, and healthcare executives. 

Interested in downloading the full playbook? Request access here!

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