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8/21/2020 Weekly Roundup: Top Articles This Week

Aug 21, 2020 12:06:28 PM / by The Babyscripts Team

Weekly Roundup Telehealth

In the news this week, new statistics spark increased discussion on maternal mortality and the disproportionate affect on minority women. Women are reevaluating their decisions to become pregnant as fears around the pandemic create unrest and insecurity. The future of telehealth and virtual care remains unclear even as researchers explore its potential.

8/20, Glamour: To be 25, Black, and Scared of the Risks of Pregnancy

8/20, Contemporary OB/GYN: Study examines relation of opioid use to pregnancy loss, conception

8/20, Times Herald: Pandemic, bias worsens high death rate for US mothers

8/20, mHealth Intelligence: Feds Urged to Include TV White Spaces in Telehealth Expansion Plans

8/20, Futurity: Worries about Telehealth are down, but barriers remain

8/19, Fierce Healthcare: Industry Voices—Consumers are flocking to telehealth because of COVID-19. They'll stay for the convenience

8/19, STAT News: Will Covid-19 vaccines be safe for children and pregnant women? The data, so far, are lacking

8/19, Physicians' Practice: Will a Lack of Reimbursement End the Rise of Virtual Care?

8/18, HealthTech: Telehealth's New Normal Brings Challenges and Opportunities

8/17, STAT News: Telehealth and the new choreography of ‘anywhere care’

Plus, new research on maternal health:

The Community-Level Interventions for Pre-eclampsia (CLIP) cluster randomised trials in Mozambique, Pakistan, and India: an individual participant-level meta-analysis

Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Mobile Health in Development of an Exclusive Breastfeeding Tool: Focus Group Study With Caregivers and Health Promoters in the Dominican Republic

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