New data confirms that maternal outcomes worsened and disparities increased during the pandemic. While there is agreement among stakeholders that maternal outcomes need to improve, discussions continue around the best way to address contributing factors, and which should take priority. Mental health issues and social determinants of health, such as neighborhood and domestic environment, are gaining exposure in the wake of new statistics around maternal death, and care providers weigh options for delivering care in the midst of economic woes.

10/27, Medcity News: At a time of political upheaval, women’s health equity is in the spotlight

10/25, Health Affairs: Inflation Is Squeezing Hospital Margins—What Happens Next?

10/25, Healthcare IT News: HIMSS promotes key policies on telehealth expansion, maternal health

10/24, Patient Engagement HIT: How Neighborhood Segregation Fuels Maternal Health Disparities

10/20, Scientific American: A Black Mother's Loss Explains Why U.S. Maternal Health Care Is Broken

10/20, CNN: With homicide a leading cause of maternal death, doctors urged to screen pregnant women for domestic violence

10/19, GAO: Maternal Health: Outcomes Worsened and Disparities Persisted During the Pandemic

10/17, Bain & Company: 2022 Healthcare Provider IT Report: Post-Pandemic Investment Priorities

10/13, Vox: America’s increasingly atrocious access to maternity care, explained in 3 charts

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