In the news, rural health centers face closure in the midst of low population and reimbursement, but some are finding benefits in digital solutions. A new report from the American Hospital Association analyzes the relationship of providers to virtual health, and their considerations for adoption, plus new movement from CMS to support the White House's Blueprint for Maternal Health.

9/15, Health Leaders: AMA survey finds physicians embracing virtual visits, remote patient monitoring tools

9/15, AHA: Digital Solutions to Improve Maternal Care: Considerations for Hospitals

9/14, Healthtech Magazine: What is Femtech, and How is it Evolving in Healthcare?

9/13, RevCycle Intelligence: Low Reimbursement, Staffing Shortages Lead to Rural Hospital Closures

9/8, Healthcare IT News: A rural Kansas FQHC brings remote patient monitoring to the underserved

9/9, Medical Device Network: Remote patient monitoring devices add accessibility and convenience to healthcare

9/8, CMS: Supporting Maternal Health Through Medicaid & the Children’s Health Insurance Program

September 2022, AMA Research: Physicians’ Motivations and Key Requirements for Adopting Digital Health

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