A Positive Paradigm Shift 

Covid-19 has transformed where and how healthcare is administered and received, including a shift from traditional care settings towards remote patient monitoring (RPM). CMS approved billing codes for RPM in 2018 and in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, commercial insurers have begun to adopt similar policies which encourage the use of remote monitoring solutions and support the transition to virtual care. 

Babyscripts’s clients can take advantage of RPM CPT codes to provide virtual prenatal and postpartum care and explore reimbursement opportunities with payer organizations. This guide is intended to support our clients by sharing best practices for coding and billing RPM codes.

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Case Study in Remote Monitoring for OB Care

Early detection and intervention of postpartum preeclampsia.

Health Equity

NEW! Medicaid Playbook Part 1 

The Virtual Maternity Care Playbook to address questions around health equity and the feasibility of using virtual care for underserved populations.