Detection and Intervention of Postpartum Hypertension

A Case Study in Remote Monitoring for Obstetrical Care

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"I would never have gone to the hospital without this app. I never would have caught this, and I probably would've died, everybody keeps saying. If I hadn't been using the app, then I wouldn't be here.”

Babyscripts Patient

Postpartum Hypertension
Remote Patient Monitoring for

Postpartum Hypertension 

In a society in which 60% of maternal deaths occur in the postpartum period, keeping mothers connected to their providers after childbirth is imperative. A remote solution like Babyscripts, can give providers the ability to facilitate interventions and save lives. "It’s women who never experienced any complications during pregnancy that can slip through the cracks after they’re sent home. With Babyscripts, we can monitor those moms to prevent adverse outcomes.” said one nurse interviewed for this case study. 

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