Improve Care Coordination

Maternal Population Health

Babyscripts collects and manages member data through the myJourney app. With Population Health, this data flows back to insurance payers, who then can access their members through the point of care. Utilizing the ability to assess for and dynamically address medical and social risks throughout the pregnancy and parenting journey, this functionality addresses some of the structural issues of care coordination and access to care while also working to improve outcomes and reducing cost. 

  • Improve Quality Measures (i.e. HEDIS)
  • Reduce the Cost of Maternity Care
  • Avoid Complications for Mom and Baby

So Happy With This App!


I use it every day and have found it to be a resource I can’t live without during my pregnancy. It’s so much better than going into the deep dark abyss of the internet. It gives me information my obgyn believes in and helps guide me through each stage of my pregnancy."

- App Store Review 12/22/2020

Expanded Risk Identification

Identify, Capture, Engage


Insurance Identification 

Automate insurance verification of pregnant members


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Risk Assessments

Expand risk identification through member risk-surveys

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Targeted Communication

Communicate appropriate information and connect members to resources based on individual risk

Reduce time-to-discovery

Automated Identification of Pregnancy

Babyscripts enables payers to identify pregnancy in members earlier by automatically confirming the accuracy of patient’s insurance information.

Babyscripts Population Health:

  • Automates insurance verification of pregnant members
  • Reduces billing errors and helps ensure reimbursement
  • Facilitates connection to Care-Management and Care-Coordination teams, as well as other stakeholders
Risk assessments to proactively manage members

Better Compliance to Care

Health plans and providers can capture health and SDoH risk earlier through a customizable Health Risk Assessment. Babyscripts myJourney comes fully equipped with both standard out of the box assessments as well as fully customizable assessments for: 

  • Demographics
  • Social Determinants of Health 
  • Health Risk
Automated Patient Segmentation

Connect Members with Health Plan Resources Based on Risk

Attain valuable population health data without adding workload to providers. Support members through their pregnancy and postpartum journey and ensure that they have the personalized support they need to be successful. 

  • Integrate payer checklist items with provider checklists
  • Incorporate payer resource articles side-by-side with provider resources
  • Deploy payer-configured pregnancy quality checklist to all of your members
  • Track key performance metrics at the population level such as vaccination compliance
  • Guide members to underutilized services like classes & social support programs
  • Track checklist and checklist item completion across your entire population

Better Pregnancies for ALL.

Virtual Maternity Care

Bridge the access to care gap by leveraging digital technology to improve care coordination and achieve better maternal health outcomes.