Babyscripts was recognized as a Top 50 Company in remote monitoring upon conclusion of extensive research and company outreach by AVIA Connect, the foremost digital health marketplace. Babyscripts ranked second overall, and highest in the subcategory of condition-specific platforms, with triple the footprint of other companies evaluated in the report.

AVIA Connect provides an invaluable resource as health systems are turning to remote monitoring to overcome the limitations of in-person care and provide more proactive solutions for patients. In a rapidly changing and complex landscape, the choices available can drive create problems than solutions. With strained budgets and an urgent imperative to keep up with new competitive threats, AVIA's guidance and value analysis around digital tools is of critical importance to health systems.

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The AVIA Connect marketplace is designed for healthcare leaders to research, evaluate, and add transparency to the digital health vendor selection process. The platform enables hospital and health systems to leverage each other’s experiences to better search and shortlist vendors by topic, client, EHR integration, and Match Score — a rating that indicates how similar an organization is to a vendor’s existing client list.

The Top 50 Companies in Remote Monitoring Report represents the aggregation and analysis of more than 1,000 health system implementation data points and highlights broader industry trends to contextualize the impact the companies and products are currently having in the space. It showcases remote monitoring companies who have proven real market traction.

With 72 health system clients in the AVIA marketplace, Babyscripts ranked number 2 overall. The report also considered companies in sub-categories. Babyscripts placed highest in their sub-category of condition-specific remote platforms, with three times the footprint of their closest competitor. 

Babyscripts leading condition specific RPM solution

The nomination is a validation of Babyscripts' ability to meet shifting priorities in the healthcare field, as practices look for solutions that are cost-effective and meet the rising consumer demand for virtual or hybrid care, while supporting the patient/provider relationship and delivering better outcomes.

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To read more about patient outcomes and the real-world impact of Babyscripts remote monitoring for blood pressure for pregnant and postpartum research, check out our Case Studies.


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