May is Women's Health month, and maternal health is receiving a lot of attention in the news. Representatives from the Black Maternal Health Caucus reintroduced the Momnibus Act to address the primary drivers of maternal mortality in the U.S. from the federal stage, especially those affecting women of color. New research highlights the connection between pregnancy-induced hypertension and other blood pressure complications to heart health, while data from Penn Medicine shows the value of remote blood pressure monitoring in the postpartum period for managing hypertension issues. The patient experience gets a much needed spotlight, and Babyscripts shares new results around blood pressure triggers.

5/17, Patient Engagement HIT: Patients Overburdened with Care Coordination Hurts Patient Experience

5/16, Fierce Healthcare: Momnibus Act reintroduced to Congress as experts call for protection of Black mothers

5/12, Johns Hopkins: How Can We Solve the Black Maternal Health Crisis?

5/12, Medical Xpress: High blood pressure, pregnancy complications may greatly raise moms' future heart risks

5/12, NBC: National Maternal Mental Health Hotline received over 12,000 calls and texts in its first year

5/10, Penn Medicine News: Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring After Pregnancy May Stave Off Postpartum Health Issues for Women with Preeclampsia

5/8, Patient Engagement HIT: Question Prompts May Guide Deeper Patient-Provider Communication

5/6, The New York Times: Unwanted Epidurals, Untreated Pain: Black Women Tell Their Birth Stories

From Babyscripts,

5/8, Babyscripts and MemorialCare Mark Three-year Partnership with Significant Results in Blood Pressure Risk Identification and Patient Engagement in Maternal Populations 

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