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Monitoring between appointments

Babyscripts can detect elevated risk in between appointments, and will alert your doctor, if necessary.

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Your care team in your pocket

You can easily access your provider's prenatal and postpartum education and information when you need it most.

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Modern and convenient care

Babyscripts can eliminate the need for some of your routine prenatal
appointments, freeing up more time for you!

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See your progress

Feel empowered throughout your pregnancy by tracking your weight,  blood pressure, or other assessments and get real-time feedback.

Pregnant Mother using mobile device with Babyscripts Mobile Application

"For me the Babyscripts app was absolutely life-changing, It really did save my life in a sense, and also most importantly the health of my baby." 

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How it works

Mobile phone displaying Babyscripts App login

Step 1: Enroll

Babyscripts is only available through your healthcare provider. Your provider will sign you up for the program at your prenatal office visit,
and you can immediately download the mobile app for your iPhone or Android device. Learn more about the app.

Remote Patient Monitoring Blood Pressure Cuff

Step 2: Monitor

Depending on your provider's care plan for you, you may receive a kit in the mail, which will include an internet connected medical device. Setup is very easy, and within minutes, you can start using your device.

Mobile phone displaying Babyscripts App Maternal Digital Education

Step 3: Educate

Your provider will use Babyscripts to guide you through your pregnancy journey. Each week, log into the Babyscripts app to check out new tasks and educational resources that are tailored to your pregnancy. Learn more about the app.

Mobile phone displaying Babyscripts App Tracking Pregnancy Progress

Step 4: Track

Track your measurements to keep an eye on your progress each week. Based on your care plan, you may be taking your blood pressure, logging your weight gain, or completing assessments. We will alert your provider if anything is out of a healthy range.

What if my provider doesn't offer Babyscripts?

Our mission is better pregnancies for all. That means getting everybody covered. If your provider does not currently offer Babyscripts, leave us their name and the name of their practice and we will reach out to them. 


"My favorite thing about the Babyscripts program was that it saved my life and my daughter's life."

- Tower Health patient

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