Our customers are there to support their pregnant members and patients through every step of their maternity journey with the help of Babyscripts - through the ups and downs, the celebrations and the uncertainties.

We’d like to take a moment to reflect on and celebrate how our partnerships have helped women receive the best care at one of the most important periods of their lives — starting with the moment that they identify a pregnancy.

Research shows that early identification of pregnancy is vital for long term health of mother and baby — enabling mothers to receive care during a critical window for fetal development, aiding in preparedness, and reducing negative outcomes like preterm birth.  

Babyscripts helps identify pregnancies at an average of 14 gestational weeks, with 25% of patients signed up as early as GA 7.*

For this second-time mom, knowing that Babyscripts was monitoring her from an early stage provided important reassurances:

"In my second pregnancy, I had gestational hypertension after 30 weeks, caught at an appointment. Because of Covid, it had been 9 weeks since my last appointment. Who knows when it really started? Monitoring myself [with Babyscripts] starting in the first trimester gives me peace of mind that if it starts again we will catch it right away."

To help keep mothers up to date with real time guidance, Babyscripts offers monthly campaigns on a variety of pregnancy and postpartum topics.

On average, customers who participated in campaigns saw an open rate of 45% or higher, with some as high as 69% -- compared to industry average open rates of 10 - 20%, this is what we like to see!*

The information delivered through Babyscripts keeps mothers secure and empowers them to engage in their own care.

"I love the information Babyscripts provides. The app makes me feel like I am part of the healthcare team."

"It's amazing and provides details so you will be ready for your next appointment if you have any questions."

Mothers especially love tracking their baby’s development with myJourney and receiving reminders of important checklist items:

"This is my first biological baby, so being able to read a week-to-week run down of what to expect and related articles is really helpful for me."

"I love that it keeps track of the days. I also love the weekly updates on baby growth and medical answers like which meds are ok. It's an amazing app."

Mothers enrolled in myBloodPressure record over 288,000 readings annually.*

For those women, myBP helps identify possible white coat syndrome and provide peace of mind:

"My BP is all over the place. It's high at the doctor’s office when I first get there and drops. It's always been normal at home. This has been helpful to know that I might have white coat syndrome and help me manage my anxiety and stress levels, yet also seek the proper prenatal care plan for me."

"[Babyscripts] provides peace of mind, because I have historically gotten white coat syndrome more times than not. Now doctors look at my home readings and aren't as alarmed."

It offers them the convenience of at-home care without compromising their feelings of safety:

"[Babyscripts has] definitely helped keep my mind at ease as well as be able to tell if something was wrong. It was helpful to be able to check my BP at home without having to go in and if needed, my doc could tell me what to do if my pressure was too high."

"Since I had gestational hypertension and was diagnosed with preeclampsia once I was at the hospital, I liked being able to use this app to continue checking my blood pressure from home so that my provider would know if my numbers were rising again. I also liked the text reminders twice a day to check my blood pressure."

It establishes and reinforces a relationship of trust between provider and patient:

"Extremely positive experience. My bp was high and my cuff immediately notified me it was over the limit. Then later on a nurse contacted me to make sure I was ok and informed me to go to the urgent care. This all happened within 2-3 hrs."

"I had daily reminders to check my blood pressure and enter it, and it clearly told me when my blood pressure was high and that someone would be contacting me within the hour. I received a phone call every time it said I would."

For one mother, it kept her out of the ER and safely managing her care from home.

"I love that I'm able to monitor my BP and it goes straight to my doctor. Especially for the third trimester, because with my first pregnancy I was having scary high numbers and made 6 ER visits within a month span. It gives me reassurance knowing I have direct access to my doctor for those scenarios."

And for postpartum mothers, who are navigating risk at one of the most vulnerable periods of the maternity journey, having the security layer of Babyscripts is invaluable:

"It was easy to use and gave me peace of mind. It actually caught my postpartum pre-eclampsia so I was able to get the proper treatment."

"This was a great program, easy to use and ultimately helpful because I don't think I would have called in to my OB for my symptoms. I would have continued to get sick without realizing. I am grateful that I was closely monitored, and that someone else was able to trigger me to take care of myself, in those first few days home with a newborn."

Along the way, Babyscripts also saves money for our customers! In 2022, our customers saved an average of $25,230 in print cost savings — simply by automating the traditional OB packet and giving mothers convenient digital access to educational content and practice-specific information. 

*Acc. to 2022 data

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