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This month, Babyscripts sat down with our partners at Baystate Health and Techspring to talk about innovation in women’s health. This is part II of our conversation series, highlighting the impact of using Babyscripts for Baystate's maternity population, including two successful interventions for blood pressure events. 

[Read the first part of the conversation covering Baystate's funding journey, and access the webinar here]

Patient impact.

As the physician lead in the pilot, Dr. Kathaleen Barker was particularly excited to see what Babyscripts could do for high risk patients: 

The exception-based workflow has been tremendous for our practice. One of the biggest hurdles we anticipated was providers, nurses, office staff feeling like they had yet another system to check or process to complete in an already overburdened and taxed system. The peace of mind that comes with Babyscripts workflow is tremendous. If my patients have a BP that’s outside of the normal range, I know that information will come to me, whether I’m tracking them in the platform or not. - Dr. Barker

Since the inception of the program, 52 patients on prenatal monitoring have taken an elevated or critical reading, for a total of 132 high blood pressure events. Sixteen patients on postpartum hypertension monitoring have recorded 57 high blood pressure events.

The team at Baystate shared two patient stories demonstrating the role of Babyscripts in managing patient outcomes. 

Patient Story #1.

Babyscripts data helped reclassify patients disease severity, leading to decreased interventions.


Patient Story #2.

Babyscripts helped alert providers that a patient needed more intervention.


Supporting diverse populations.

One of Baystate's goals in implementing Babyscripts is a renewed focus on patient safety and support, particularly for pregnant and new mothers of color.

One of my favorite points of feedback about Babyscripts was from an African American mother who told us that the Babyscripts app made her feel safer. Anything we can do to make women of color feel safer in the birthing process is a win in my book. This is just one example, of course, and it doesn’t tell the whole story, but certainly across the board our patients have had a really positive experience with this. - Dr. Barker

This is part two of a three part series. Part 1 highlights Baystate's experience and success in securing funding for digital health.

In Part 3, we get a sneak peek at Baystate's future plans for Babyscripts, including integration into the medical record and a joint deployment with Health New England. 

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