Pregnant Patient using Mobile App

Studies have found that virtual care increases patient satisfaction, but questions remain about whether health systems are prepared to make the shift to virtual models. Industry experts discuss the role of managed care organizations in reducing pregnancy complications, and maternal mental health and the prevalence of maternity care deserts in the US continue to draw critical attention. 

7/21, MedicalNewsToday: Premature babies: Who will speak up for these ‘little guys?’

7/19, The New York Times: I Gave Birth, but My Husband Developed Postpartum Depression

7/13, Fatherly: Pregnant and No Access to Care: Taking on America’s Maternity Care Deserts

7/13, STAT News: Managed care’s role in protecting women from childbirth-related complications

7/13: Healthcare Finance: Future of telehealth for health systems depends on infrastructure and analytics

7/12, Cision: Survey: Post-pandemic Baby Boom on Horizon in U.S.; Shift to Telehealth has Increased Birth Control Access

7/12, Contemporary OB/GYN: Iron-deficiency anemia in pregnancy and the role of intravenous iron

7/12, mHealth Intelligence: Virtual Care Visits Improve Patient Satisfaction, Engagement Levels





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