Policy makers are advocating for expanding Medicaid to postpartum mothers, but barriers to access are more complicated than obtaining coverage. Virtual solutions could provide a safety net, but providers have to be intentional about when and how they deploy them. Women in maternity deserts continue to suffer as hospitals close their labor and delivery wards across rural America.

3/9, Capital B: Inside the Maternal Health Crisis Hitting Georgia’s Black Belt

3/9, MedCity News: Medicaid Expansion Isn’t All That Impactful Without Proper Education, OSF Research Finds

3/8, Muckrock: New CDC and state data shows how the COVID-19 pandemic led to a startling rise in maternal deaths

3/7, MedCity News: 4 Measures Hospitals Should Take to Improve Peripartum Depression Outcomes

3/6, KHN: Virtual or In Person: Which Kind of Doctor’s Visit Is Better, And When It Matters

2/26, New York Times: Rural Hospitals are Shuttering Their Maternity Units

2/25, The Washington Post: Analysis | Giving Birth in the US is Getting Deadlier

ICYMI, we caught up with Babyscripts mom Deidre Winzy, to hear how she's navigating life with three kids and learn why she's still using her blood pressure cuff. Plus, what her story can tell us about maternal health priorities. Watch the replay below ⤵️


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