In the news, the health industry evaluates the landscape of digital health tools in a new year, and weighs the unproved benefits of new entrants. Experts discuss the barriers to patient engagement, including low health literacy. Plus, new data on the effects of the Medicaid expansion.

1/12, STAT News: A lesson from JPM: Too many digital front doors in health care lead to nowhere

1/11, Forbes: Under Financial Pressure, How Are Health Systems Prioritizing Digital Health Investments?

1/11, Journal of Perinatology: Maternal and neonatal risk-appropriate care: gaps, strategies, and areas for further research

1/06, Patient Engagement HIT: Digital divide goes beyond broadband, rests with digital health literacy.

1/05, Forbes: How Cardiovascular Innovation Can Stem The Rise Of Maternal Mortality

1/04, Contemporary OB/GYN: 2023 changes to remote monitoring and preventive care

January 2023:  Medicaid Expansion Led To Reductions In Postpartum Hospitalizations

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