The Best Path to a Branded App for Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum!

Babyscripts is committed to investing in provider-delivered, clinically-validated mobile tech for pregnancy.

We offer the most comprehensive clinically-validated maternity program to help manage 90% of your expecting moms virtually.

What's the Same? 

Increased Patient Satisfaction and Engagement.


Timeline-based education

Risk assessment tools

Push notifications

Branded interface

Customized content

Administrative portal

Engagement analytics


What's New? 

Precision Prenatal and Postpartum Care.


Risk-stratified remote monitoring experiences

Real-time feedback to patients and providers

FDA-approved, internet-connected medical devices (where applicable)

Fully-integrated mobile app experience

Logistics and technical support management

Communication through email, text and push notifications

Fully interoperable with the EMR

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HIPAA Compliant

Secure data delivery via a HIPAA compliant platform.


Clinically Validated

Research-supported virtual solution developed with clinical input.

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Turn-key Solution

Standard and advanced workflows integrated with the EMR.

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Cost Saving

Digital content delivery eliminating the need and associated cost of print materials. 

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Leading Prenatal App Babyscripts Announces Acquisition of iBirth

Press Release | WASHINGTON, DC 


Babyscripts, Inc., the leading virtual care platform for managing obstetrics, announced today that it has acquired iBirth, one of the first provider-delivered, co-branded pregnancy apps in the marketplace. By combining forces, iBirth is now offering "precision prenatal care" experiences to its clients, while Babyscripts will now offer the most holistic and engaging technology program to manage pregnancy and postpartum. Both Babyscripts and iBirth came into existence with a focus on the "trusted provider relationship". With this move, Babyscripts shows a commitment to dominate the space with clinically validated provider-prescribed technology for pregnancy and postpartum, now managing more than 150,000 pregnancies across 20 states.

Additionally, with iBirth, Babyscripts is able to move into the Postpartum space more quickly - leveraging robust, extended content into the first year, with the potential to grow into early childhood. With the new ACOG guidelines just released for postpartum care, the timing of this partnership is perfect to position Babyscripts as the leader in helping practices leverage technology to better care for women postpartum.

For the last 8 1/2 years, iBirth has excelled as a daily care companion for pregnant women and their partners, starting on the first day of pregnancy and spanning throughout the first year postpartum. They were one of the first pregnancy apps in Apple’s iTunes App Store and over the years have built a robust program of daily content, timers and trackers to engage “whole person care” along the pregnancy and postpartum timelines.

Babyscripts has spent the last four years building a clinically-validated, virtual care platform to allow OBGYNs to deliver a new model of prenatal care. Using internet connected devices for remote monitoring, Babyscripts offers risk-specific experiences to manage 90% of pregnancies, allowing doctors to detect risk more quickly and automate elements of care.





“Babyscripts has always believed that to truly deliver virtual care models, it requires both engaging the patient and amplifying the care of their providers. With iBirth, we found a perfect blend of the two,” says Babyscripts CEO and Co-founder, Anish Sebastian.


Judith Nowlin, iBirth CEO and Co-founder states, "Since iBirth's inception, we've emphasized the whole person approach in our technology, paying special attention to the emotional, psychological, and physical aspects of well-being throughout the pregnancy and postpartum experience. We're thrilled to join with Babyscripts to elevate our combined product offering into the single most engaging and powerful provider-delivered virtual care platform for pregnancy and beyond.”

The transaction closed in Q2 2018.

Babyscripts is a virtual care platform created for obstetrics that allows OBGYNs to deliver better prenatal care. The platform is powered by a suite of mobile apps that drive better patient decision making, internet-connected devices for remote monitoring, and a host of population health tools to give providers access to patient data in real time. When using these tools, patients experience increased engagement and satisfaction, while OBGYNs are able to identify patient risk more quickly, improve clinic workflow, and see more patients.


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Pregnancy & Postpartum

Our daily-use app comes pre-loaded with perinatal and postnatal education and engagement materials for your mobile-ready patients, from the 1st day of pregnancy through baby’s 1st birthday.

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More Than Just A Pregnancy App!

Our app delivers preventative health education to improve outcomes in the community. You can create a personalized experience for your regional populations by customizing as much or as little of the app content as you wish.

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Customized Content in English & Spanish

Stay in touch and monitor clients during pregnancy and up through the first year of baby’s life, ensuring all clients receive the same accurate prenatal, birth and postpartum information.

Branded and Customizable Apps for Health Systems, Hospitals, Birth Centers, OBGYN Practices and Midwives.