Maternal Risk Identification


October 25, 2023

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How Babyscripts Addresses Risk

Babyscripts identifies risk through remote monitoring and screening, addressing barriers of access and key health metrics that drive disparate outcomes like blood pressure, mental health, and social determinants of health.

Our data-driven trigger alert system is not subject to biases of human interpretation, ensuring an equitable response to risk. Actionable patient data is delivered directly to providers of care, saving them time and preventing data overload. This aligns with the needs of safety net healthcare organizations, which often face resource constraints and increased patient volumes.

In response to reported risks, Babyscripts dynamically guides the patient journey through care pathways, which create the opportunity for improved quality of care without additional administrative burden, and ensure that patients receive appropriate care at every stage of their treatment. They standardize and streamline care processes, reducing unnecessary tests, procedures, and hospital stays, which can result in cost savings. They promote consistency in care, reducing variations and errors in treatment.

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