Medicaid Playbook: Part 1 

Best Practices & Resources for Delivering Digital Tools to Medicaid Populations

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Improve Maternal Health Equity and Outcomes

The goal of the Virtual Care Playbook for Underserved Populations is to share information about the unique barriers to health equity in the U.S., as well as best practices for serving the Medicaid population through virtual care. From its original conception as a commercial solution targeted to low-risk mothers, the Babyscripts product has evolved to serve high-risk populations and more directly address the problems of the underserved.

The Playbook Includes:

Babyscripts provider/payer computer dashboard

Digital Health Engagement for Medicaid

Babyscripts pregnant woman

Maternity Care in Medicaid

Babyscripts pregnancy app on phone

Available Tools & Innovative Approaches


Virtual Maternity Care for Underserved Populations

The Virtual Maternity Care Playbook for Underserved Populations was created as a companion to the Virtual Maternity Care Playbook, to address questions around health equity and the feasibility of using virtual care for underserved populations. Part I offers a comprehensive overview of the landscape, including the latest statistics around digital engagement in the Medicaid population and available tools and innovative approaches for improving outcomes.

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