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The impact of remote patient monitoring on maternal health outcomes.

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“I knew what it felt like physically, but as far as the actual numbers, I didn't really understand what they meant. So I think the app was really helpful in helping me understand. And having that as a reminder, because when you're going through postpartum, your body's doing all kinds of crazy stuff. So you're just not sure what's normal and what's not. So being able to take and having to take my blood pressure every day, that kind of helped me like compartmentalize like, okay, this is a blood pressure issue, not just a typical postpartum issue.”

- Babyscripts Mom

White Paper Features

Four Case Studies:

Babyscripts_Icons_2022_Gratient_300pxWoman using Blood Pressure Cuff

Normotensive Monitoring

Babyscripts_Icons_2022_Gratient_300pxBlood Pressure Cuff

Chronic Hypertension

Babyscripts_Icons_2022_Gratient_300pxPregnant Woman

Prenatal Hypertension

Babyscripts-Icon-2022Mother Holding Baby

Postpartum Hypertension


Empowering Mothers & Saving Lives

Since 2014, Babyscripts has been transforming the delivery of pregnancy and postpartum care by leveraging the power of technology. In our years of experience in the maternal health space, Babyscripts has found that blood pressure monitoring is the most effective tool for immediately targeting and improving preventable maternal mortality and morbidity. When combined with blood pressure-specific educational resources, remote BP monitoring empowers women to advocate for themselves for treatment of elevated BP and prevention of chronic disease resulting from hypertension, producing better outcomes for both mothers and their babies.

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