Help Us Eliminate Care Coordination Silos 

Babyscripts is collaborating with health plans and providers on a new, innovative partnership model, the Joint Deployment. Through Joint Deployments, Babyscripts brings together the payer, provider, and patient onto one experience to enhance patient education and connection to health plan resources and ultimately improve outcomes.


                 Improve Patient Experiences

                 Improve Outcomes

                 Reduce Costs

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Health plans are eager to deploy Babyscripts through Joint Deployments and are shifting the cost of Babyscripts away from providers in exchange for enrolling their members in digital maternity services. If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunity to partner with health plans and offset some of your costs, we’d love to hear from you! Please let us know which health plans you work with that might be interested in sponsoring Babyscripts. If you can make a warm introduction to our team, we’ll take it from there! 

Virtual Care Resource Center

Babyscripts Virtual Care Resource Center

Best practices, customer stories, market intelligence all in one place. 

Doctor using Babyscripts RPM Reimbursement Guide

RPM Reimbursement Guide

Babyscripts’s clients can take advantage of
RPM CPT codes to provide virtual prenatal and
postpartum care and explore reimbursement
opportunities with payer organizations.

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NEW! Medicaid Playbook Part 1 

The Virtual Maternity Care Playbook to address questions around health equity and the feasibility of using virtual care for underserved populations.