I’m done with the program now since I had my baby early. If it wasn’t for the app, I’d have never gone to the hospital to get checked out. Your app saved my baby’s life and mine as well.
Thank you!

Babyscripts Patient


Tower Health (formerly Reading Health), a large integrated healthcare system that services Pennsylvania, was looking for an innovative program to integrate into their care plan for pregnancy at their All About Women’s practice.

Tower Health sought Babyscripts to fill this need, initially kicking off a pilot through the Reading Health System Foundation, which expanded to a roll out to multiple OBGYN practices.



Improve experience for expectant moms to engage the CMO (Chief Medical Officer) of the family.


Improve quality of care leveraging remote monitoring tools.


Allow providers to catch situations of risk more quickly to improve outcomes and decrease cost of care.


Deliver patient education, practice information digitally.


Babyscripts has been successful in enhancing the Tower Health patient experience, and has also identified situations of elevated risk more quickly through the remote monitoring tools being used at Tower Health practices. Across 300 pregnancies, Babyscripts identified 19 blood pressure alerts. 4 of these patients were diagnosed with either preeclampsia or eclampsia. Both of these conditions can lead to more severe medical issues if detected too late. California Medi-cal estimates that the cost savings associated with avoiding a stroke from eclampsia is $650,000. In one particular case at Tower Health, Babyscripts triaged a critically high BP that led to an early delivery. See and hear more about this case from the patient and the provider by viewing this video.