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7/9/2021 Bi-weekly Roundup: Top Articles

Jul 9, 2021 11:16:55 AM / by The Babyscripts Team

Untitled design (3)-1As investment into digital health continues to surge, the industry is discussing opportunities for using and improving the technology. Research shows that combatting misinformation can reduce preventable pregnancy health risks, and that racial disparities among pregnant women include disproportionate increases in PPD for women of color.  

7/8, Healthcare IT News: Telehealth may help reduce medicines’ carbon footprint

7/8, Contemporary OB/GYN: Telemedicine for managing diabetes in pregnancy

7/7, Medical Xpress: Postpartum depression on the rise, especially for women of color, during COVID-19 pandemic

7/6, Bloomberg: Digital-Health Investment Boom Speeds Ahead With First-Half Jump

7/6, HealthAffairs: Challenging Providers To Look Within Themselves: A New Tool To Reduce Bias In Maternity Care

7/5, American Medical Association: Telehealth: How to bring warmth to your virtual care visits

7/5, Healthcare Exec Intelligence: How to Increase Provider Utilization of Remote Patient Monitoring

7/1, Medical Xpress: Non-prescription painkillers linked to increased perinatal health risks


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