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6/11/2021 Bi-Weekly Roundup: Top Articles

Jun 11, 2021 10:50:37 AM / by The Babyscripts Team

News Roundup 6.11

In the news, maternal mental health continues to show itself a massive casualty of the pandemic, and industry professionals are weighing better ways to assess and manage it in the future. As the digital health boom enters into its post-pandemic stage, some tools are standing out from among the rest, and patient experience is a central concern. 

6/9, Health Tech: Efficiency and Personalization Are the Future of Digital Health Technology

6/9. Managed Healthcare Executive: Let’s Not Lose Sight of Patient Experience with Virtual Care

6/8, Medical Dialogues: Preeclampsia During Pregnancy Increases Risk of Stroke Later in Life

6/7, Fox News: Postpartum mental health visits up during pandemic

6/4, Benefits Pro: AMA initiative explores challenges, real-world examples of virtual care

6/1, Forbes: Commercializing Digital Health: Trading On A Dynamic Data Marketplace

5/31, The Guardian: Covid lockdown school closures ‘hit mothers’ mental health but left fathers unaffected’

5/25, Vogue: We Need To Talk About Maternal Mental Health


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